Information about advertising on Effingham Today.

Effingham Today is a Web site all about Effingham County, GA. It has been designed to both inform and entertain its visitors. It is currently averaging approximately 6,000 visitors per month, and the number is increasing rapidly.

There are two ways that a business can promote itself. These include the Business Directory and the Banner Advertisements. 

  • The Business Directory is similar to the kind of directory that one would find in the Yellow Pages, but with many added advantages. Specifically, it is in color, the ad can be changed periodically and it costs far less. Click here for the Business Directory rates.

  • Banner Advertisements have become one of the most popular methods of promotion on the Web today. They give the maximum exposure for your advertising dollar. They are colorful, highly-visible horizontal or vertical ads that are usually located near the top of a Web page. In Effingham Today, the banner ads are linked to your directory listing or your Web site. You can purchase a banner ad for any page of this site. Click here for the Banner Advertisement rates.

Business Directory
Present rates established 01/2006
Prices subject to change

  • A business directory listings consists of your name, address, phone numbers, email address, a description of up to 100 words, your logo and a link to your web site if you have one.
    - Monthly: $25.     Annually: $250.

  • If you are a client of InterWeb Designs, Inc. and are currently paying a monthly hosting fee for your existing web site, you can be listed in the Business Directory at a reduced rate of just $10 per month.

Banner Ads
Present rates established 06/2010
Prices subject to change

The minimum period of time that a banner ad can run is two weeks. In order to keep the "Effingham Today" web site looking fresh, the maximum period of time for a banner ad is four weeks without a design change.

  • Opening page banner ad (on the top)
    - Weekly: $35.    Monthly: $125.   Annually: $1,250.

  • Opening page banner ad (on the bottom)
    - Weekly: $20.    Monthly: $70.     Annually: $700.

  • Other pages banner ad (on the top)
    - Weekly: $20.  Monthly: $70.     Annually: $700.

  • Other pages banner ad (on the bottom)
    - Weekly: $10.  Monthly: $35.     Annually: $350.

You can provide your own banner ad that conforms to our size specifications, or you can have us design your ad for a fee.

  • Static panel - $30.

  • Animated flash banner - $60.


For more information, or to place an ad, contact:

InterWeb Designs, Inc.
2576 Birch Avenue, The Villages, FL  32162
Phone: (912) 228-5315

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