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Effingham Today currently receives 200 visits per day.  That translates to over 70,000 visits per year.  It is the primary source for people who are seeking information about Effingham County, Georgia.

The visitors include area residents and people who are considering relocating to this area.  Both groups represent a significant source of potential clients for your business.

Should you be listed in our Business Listings section?  Do the math!  At just $25. per month for a display ad in the category of your choice, how many new customers do you need from those 70,000 visits for your listing to be profitable.  For most businesses, just one new customer will more than pay for their listing.

If this makes sense to you, call us at
(912) 228-5315
to learn more about our listings.

Effingham Today is a public service of InterWeb Designs, Inc., an Effingham County-based business, located in Rincon, GA.  We developed this site almost 15 years ago and have continued to update and enhance it over the years.  Our placement in Google searches is exceptionally high.

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